D Gawthrope ACR - The first UK Mercedes MirrorCam Calibration centre

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D Gawthrope ACR

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 Following the installation of the Haweka AXIS4000 Wheel Alignment System and CMC4000 Chassis Measuring System.

Bremco UK Ltd is proud to announce that D Gawthrope ACR in Knottingley is officially the first MB MirrorCam Calibration Centre in the UK.

In 2023 safety systems were at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry and D Gawthrope is leading the way. The innovative safety feature fitted to Mercedes Trucks has massive benefits to the fleet operator, driver, and the public operating in and around commercial vehicles.

The MirrorCam system offers improved aerodynamics to the vehicle increasing fuel efficiency.

The cameras give a constant view of rearward traffic and support during cornering in combination with sideguard assist.

With the correct calibration of the system the MirrorCam provides an improved view of the trailer during manoeuvring and allows accurate parking to the centimetre onto loading bays.

Above all a correctly calibrated system offers improved safety to pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

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The MirrorCam is a fantastic step forward for Mercedes in commercial vehicle technology. The calibration procedure and equipment designed together by Haweka and Mercedes in my opinion is a must do procedure for all vehicles following any impact or accident damage. The accuracy and benefits of this system must be maximised by keeping the MirrorCam in good accurate calibrated condition.

ppsxSee the full Mirrorcam presentation in Powerpoint from this link (opens in a new tab)

Find out more on the Bremco website here

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